Groundwater containing 60 mg/L of CO2 at 10oC is pumped through a spray nozzle aerator, and the CO2 concentration is…

Groundwater containing 60 mg/L of CO2 at 10oC is pumped through a spray nozzle aerator, and the CO2 concentration is reduced to 5.6 mg/L. If the alkalinity of the water is 200 mg/L as CaCO3, and the initial pH is 6.93,  what is the  pH of the water after CO2 removal? Assume the water temperature remains at 10oC and that ionic strength corrections can be neglected.

Lesson 4 This week students will explore the world of folktales, proverbs and mottoes from around th

Lesson 4

This week students will explore the world of folktales, proverbs and mottoes from around the world.

Activity 1: Folktales and popular culture. Please explore this site to find some good folktales:

Activity 2: Analysis. Identify and write down the lessons behind a few of the folktales.

Activity 3: Comparison. Write a 2-3 page review of some of the folktales and submit it here.

Evaluation of a Weight Loss Program

Many Americans believe that they are overweight, by a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. Because of this, weight loss systems are big business. For this assignment, you are to select a weight loss system and evaluate it in terms of the information about the physiology of ingestive behavior covered this module.

  • Find a website, a brochure, a popular article, or an advertisement about weight control that proposes a mechanism for loss of excess weight.
  • Document the key proposals in terms of the main claims for success of the program (e.g., restriction of fat and small portions).
  • Describe the reasons provided for the effectiveness of the program (e.g., a full stomach reduces hunger).
  • Discuss the physiological components involved in the weight loss program. Clearly express an understanding of the physiology of the process of hunger, satiation, eating, and drinking as relevant for the weight loss method being described (e.g., long periods between meals would be likely to reduce blood sugar levels).
  • Present a critique of the materials based on the module information on eating and weight regulation.
  • Evaluate the proposal and suggest whether you would try this weight loss system or recommend it to someone else. Explain why or why not.

For this assignment, you are required to cite, at a minimum, the online course and the textbook for the course. Additional sources are welcome. Scholarly sources are preferred and can be found in the Argosy University library located under the Academic Resources section of Course Home. For reputable web sources, look for .gov or .edu sites as opposed to .com sites. Do not use Wikipedia.

Your paper should be double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font, and with normal 1-inch margins; written in APA style; and free of typographical and grammatical errors. It should include a title page and a reference page. The body of the paper should be between 3 and 4 pages.


Alternative to attending the Skywalker Field Trip is a 700 word report. It will include the following:
– Information about Skywalker Ranch and Fire Department (google skywalker ranch burgundy fire engine and you will find a bunch). Here is some additional information: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. research what you can the best you can.
– Background, information and details about Dry pipe & Preaction Fire Protection Systems.
– Background, information and details about Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems.
– Background, information and details about Fire Pump Systems and related fire protection.


University of Houston Nestle Infant Formula Controversy Case 1 Paper

Please read the following and then answer the questions at the bottom

a. The Nestle case

B. The Youngest Market: Baby Food Peddlers Undermine Breastfeeding

C. AIDs Information

1. Read Nestles defense for selling baby formula. What additional information could Nestle provide to support the arguments that they make in the defense.

2. Provide a summary of the main points in the reading.” The Youngest Market: Baby Food Peddlers Undermine Breastfeed”. At the end of your summary, indicate whether you feel that Nestle and the other baby food sellers are ethically right in terms of what they are doing? Does this article support what Nestle indicates that it is doing in the case. (20 points)

3. After reading all the, material provided, what do you think nestle can do better to support better infant health Worldwide. Please justify your answer

4. If you were the President of Nestle, and you were considering a decision to stop selling baby formula/infant food what would be the pros and cons of this decision.

REMEMBER to link these three articles together when you answer the question #3, and #4.

analyze leadership challenges in healthcare-

analyze leadership challenges in healthcare-


Healthcare leadership is often tasked with some of the most difficult challenges when it comes to leading. As a leader in D’Wellington Healthcare Group (DWHCG), which is a health plan, you are asked to assess and develop a strategic SWOT analysis that will help lead the organization into a company that will be able to compete on a national basis in the next 3-5 years.

For this assignment, you will focus on an in-depth path of leadership, operations management, and the impact of fraud and abuse in healthcare; then create an executive summary.

NOTE – APA formatting and proper grammar, punctuation, and form are required. APA help is available from this link – APA.

  1. Explain what particular type of leadership style is needed to begin a robust leadership that contributes to growing the healthcare organization.
    1. Describe what leadership is.
    2. Discuss some leadership styles used in healthcare.
    3. Compare and contrast leadership styles in healthcare.
  1. Design and create the role of your Operations Manager, so that person can be empowered to be more effective in that role.
    1. Decisions support systems.
    2. Communication availability and use.
    3. Technology availability and use.
  1. Put a system in place to limit the likelihood of being able to commit fraud.
    1. Focus on efficiency using decision support system resources.
    2. Describe technology software that could add value to an anti-fraud system.
    3. Explain the compliance and regulatory rulings regarding healthcare fraud.



ba616 journal3 2-

ba616 journal3 2-


1. Can non-Christians adhere to a Christian Ethical perspective?

2. Are you familiar with any of the ethical teachings of Jesus Christ? Explain how this could apply in a business environment.

3. How valuable do you think work is to an individual?

4. Do you welcome accountability (examining your work efforts) in your work?

5. Discuss the advantages of bringing a cooperative spirit to the workplace

6. What is your opinion of the Protestant Work Ethic?

Requirement: please answer each question in one or two sentences



Critical annotated bibliography- No Child Left Behind

I need some help with my critical annotated bibliography. It is already done but my professor sent back fro revision. Below are his comments.

This draft of the bibliography mainly consists of summaries of the articles and government reposts. The material is useful for necessary public display since it offers overviews, even if somewhat general. The government repot is more than a decade old; it would require acknowledgement were it to be used and some other, more contemporary source might have to confirm the data and the findings. It can be used with is caveat. Issue of credibility of your review is important.

As a bibliography, the individual items are selected adequately but too general to be useful. You may actually have to go back to the original articles when you are putting together your large research project for this course—the review of literature. As I have suggested in the assignment help notes, the bibliographic items should be detailed summary and critical analysis should be sufficiently substantive and detailed so that you could draft the initial draft of the review of literature from it. It could also be useful in some future research project.

Writing concerns you should keep in mind have much to do with consistency, which can reinforce or undermine your point—for example:… “(NCLB) covers varied federal teaching programs, the Act’s provisions for testing, answerableness, and college improvement receive the foremost attention.” Answerableness is really over the top. Honestly in research, with terminology and reported speech already complicating matters I would keep it simple and without affectations.

I would suggest is that you might find some original quotes to include as you are reading these articles—brief, striking and unique ones only! You might also consider contrasting the article/items so which might help in future categorizing and priorities.

Note that the second entry also strikes me as old for this type of a project given the existing debate about how to improve schools. The sentences in the entry are essentially list-like. So this is not a summary by an enumeration of points—a blow by blow list. In writing, the rule for revising lists is: either make them obvious and self –evident to the reader or begin with a central point to revamp what is essentially a description.

Some of the entries do have critical observations but they are general and not very practical for the next assignment. One possibility in revision you might consider [it is not required but may yield practical results] is to restrict your biblio to research/consequences of the act published in the last five yeas, and perhaps audience [?] early and middle childhood education {define this narrowly].

What are the key legal factors present in the scenario?, writing assignment help

In 1999, a Seattle man took a popular soft-drink company seriously when one of its commercials made an offer of a Harrier jet, the famous high-tech jump jet used by the U.S. Marines. In a television commercial that aired in 1995, the company jokingly included the Harrier as one of the prizes that could be received with a mere 7 million company points. Although that sounds like a lot of points to get from drinking the soft drink company’s products (roughly 190 drinks a day for 100 years), the company also allowed customers to purchase points for 10 cents each.

The man did the math and discovered that the cost of the 7 million points needed for the jet was $700,000. He then put together a business plan, raised the $700,000 from friends and family, and submitted 15 points, the check, and an official order form with a demand for the Harrier jet.

The company wrote back, stating that the Harrier jet in the commercial was simply used to create a humorous and entertaining advertisement. They apologized for any misunderstanding or confusion people may have experienced and enclosed some free product coupons.

The free coupons did not satisfy the man, who then took the soft drink company to court. Finally, a federal judge for the Southern District of New York held that the company was only joking when it implied in its ad that it was giving away fighter jets. The judge noted that because the jets sell for approximately $23 million, no one could have concluded that the commercial actually offered consumers a Harrier jet. Instead, this was a classic example of a deal that was too good to be true.

Write a paper of 4 body pages that answers the following questions, including an in-depth explanation of the supporting rationale:

  • What are the key legal factors present in the scenario?
  • What are the 4 elements of a valid contract? How do they relate to the scenario in question?
  • What is the objective theory of contracts?
  • How does the objective theory of contracts apply to this case?
  • In your own words but based on research and analysis of relevant legal concepts and cases, why do you think the court held that there was not a valid agreement in this scenario? Provide support for your position.
  • Are advertisements generally considered offers? Explain.
  • How does this case differ from a reward situation in which a unilateral contract is formed upon completion of the requested act?
  • What recommendations (at least 2) would you make for a company considering an aggressive marketing campaign with giveaways of high value items? Explain the rationale behind each recommendation.

Your submitted assignment (200 points) must include a Word document of 2 -4 body pages that contains your answers to the questions listed and a reference list of any sources that you used within your paper (cited properly in APA format).

contracts and liability 3-

contracts and liability 3-


As a team, you have developed an informative training presentation for incoming employees that explains how your company treats contracts, medical liability, and strategies created to prevent errors and avoid potential liability situations for the organization. Your team has been approached by your employer to present at a local conference about contracts and liability.

Create an 3 to 4-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you:

  • Analyze medical liability for health care organizations and providers.

Please be sure to include speaker notes at the bottom of each slide. slides are to include 1 slide as a title page, 2 slides with the subject matter, and 1 slide with references.