2023 200 words each 1 My plan to develop my professional partnership with

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200 words each 1 My plan to develop my professional partnership with 2023 Assignment

200 words each



My plan to develop my professional partnership with my selected site is the first understand the mission statement of the what the company is about and what the company believes in.  I will do some reading and researching, locate reviews on the business and its’ relationship with the community.  Make a phone call and ask if I could speak with the owner or manager of operations of the business.  During my initial contact, I will make sure that I inform the manager about my plans and goals for the presentation that I want to present before their staff.  I will ask the manager if there was a time available that we could meet in person, at their convenience.  If I am given the opportunity for a face to face, I will have my presentation layout and allow them to look at it.  In return, I will answer questions that the manager has for me.  Doing this time, I will utilize my chance to ask them their opinion about what I want to present.  This will allow me to get them to be open about their knowledge on the discussion topic of choice.  Ask them if they would like to see something added to the presentation, that will help their staff be healthier and more conscious about their lifestyle.  Schedule my date of presentation, if the manager approves of me doing the presentation.  Upon setting a schedule presentation date, I would send a thank you message via email and then weekly reminders about the benefits of the presentation to the manager.  Checking in with the manager on a weekly basis, to keep the manager and staff looking forward to the presentation that is going to improve their health.  I would make sure to meet with the manager once more prior to the date of presentation, at least two weeks in advance; to give an update or receive information from the manager about the presentation.  I would focus on not taking up too much of the managers’ time with small talk.   

It is important that we as healthcare providers collaborate with other professionals in the healthcare field to ensure that our patients are treated holistically.  When we experience health issues, many other problems can arise from that health issue.  People that have uncontrolled pain, can become depressed or angry; because the pain is interfering with their lives.  We must know who to refer patients to for help with their concerns.  The more options we utilize to assist our patients, the better the development of trust we can have with our patients.  We want our patients to trust us and come to us for help, because they are sure they will receive help or be guided in the proper directions to get help.    

Clark, M. J. (2015). Population and community health nursing (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson




 I have selected my church medical group to partner with to help educate the people in the church about sickle cell disease that predominantly affects the African-American people. The church medical group is made up of a group of medical professionals that volunteer their time and expertise in helping build strong and healthy church members. Education about sickle cell disease is very important especially in the African-American community because having knowledge about sickle cell disease and how it is genetically passed on will help the young people take that into consideration when planning on choosing a life partner to have a family with. This will help reduce the number of babies born with sickle cell disease.

            Partnering with a church outreach group is very important in helping my role as a disease prevention nurse. The church is a big community with a lot of young adults. Since most of the church members are African-American, we seem to have a lot in common in terms of our diet, attitudes towards exercise or physical activities and also common diseases that affect us.  The medical professionals collaborating with each other in the group will help identify the educational materials and methods of how information is to be presented to the community and also find out the available resources to help provide other assistance to the population in terms of getting lab test or referring them to other places for further treatment if needed. 

            The importance of collaborating with other healthcare professionals in order to establish trusting relationships to gain commitment is that, it helps build a stronger network of medical professionals, who are focused on attaining a common goal for the community. The education they have in different medical setting, their positive attitudes and their willingness to work together to help promote good health and prevent an increase in diseases among the targeted population.

            A team environment could provide support for these community-based health care providers as well as allow for more efficient sharing of information Dieleman et al. (2009). Effective communication among healthcare workers helps build a strong team.  A good team work is mostly characterized by trust, respect and collaboration. Whether it is a professional or a non-professional setting, members are in the team mostly for a common goal, and all the members work together with the aim of achieving that goal. This is what makes it very important for the members to effectively communicate among each other to help promote continuity and clarity among the team and also help prevent problems or errors.

Dieleman, S. L., Farris, K. B., Feeny, D., Johnson, J. A., Tsuyuki, R. T. & Brilliant, S. (2009).      Primary health care teams: tem members’ perception of the collaborative process.           Journal of Interprofessional Care. 18(1), 75-78.


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