2023 200 words for each respond 1 My project topic is Adolescent Obesity There is a requirement that the topic should

Nursing 2023 Responding

200 words for each respond 1 My project topic is Adolescent Obesity There is a requirement that the topic should 2023 Assignment

 200 words for each respond


My project topic is Adolescent Obesity. There is a requirement that the topic should have some reflection with healthy people 2020 concerning healthy condition, with the possibility of providing interventions/solutions. Having this in mind, I researched deeply into my community. I visited places of interest where series of activities prevail with easy access of meeting people. I was at the schools (elementary, Middle and High schools), fast food venues such as McDonalds, Wendy, Burger King, Dinkins and Dairy Queen including the WaWa stores. I also visited subways in stores (Walmart), eatery in IKEA,   Church, Recreational center (YMCA) and other open spaces. I kept observing a prevalent condition in the adolescents that needed immediate intervention. This unhealthy condition is Adolescent Obesity.  It aroused my interest and contributed along with other factors to my choice of this topic.

From my findings, I realized that the church is a better place to present this topic because it is one of the places where these unhealthy food (cupcakes) and other food that are energy rich, protein poor, heavily soaked in saturated oil or Trans fats and preservatives such as sodium, monosodium glutamate (Doritos and potato chips) along with some sugary solutions blended with color and disguise as juices are served free of charge as refreshment for members (mostly adolescents). According to Brazier (2018) obesity   is a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess weight or body fat that might affect their health.  Adolescent obesity is a childhood possession of excessive weight or fat in the body thereby making them grow out of shape and keeping them very unhealthy, and resulting in different sicknesses such as hypertension, Type 11 diabetes to mention but a few.  Adolescent Obesity is caused by unhealthy eating habits, sedentary life style, Depression, Genetics and Hereditary.

My view point for the nature of presentation is that the environment I am presenting  it ,is calm and cool because the audience are  nourished with the words of God which is a spiritual food that  gives peace to believers. Therefore it is easier to imbibe, digest and assimilate the topic, and will be properly utilized.  According to Healthy People 2020, Nutrition and weight status is a thing of great concern and needed serious considerations.  Believing in the saying “prevention is better than cure” I am of the opinion that my practice of the implementation of the project is adequate and reaches the expected audience.


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Nursing profession teaches us how to be good observant in assessing a problem that an individual or a group of people in a community face. In working on this project presentation, I realize most part of the project involves good assessment of the community, identifying the problem facing the community and how to plan and put the necessary implementation in place to solve the problem. 

            Setting up realistic goals and giving myself enough time to fully prepare and put all the necessary things for the presentation in place is very important to the success of the presentation. Collaborating with the right professionals to help in finding ways to solve the problem, talking to the people in the community and finding their view on the problem is good for the presentation. In every project presentation funds needs to be allocated for purchasing supplies and materials for the project presentation. Putting a good realistic budget in place for the project will also help. 

            Identifying the problem and planning a project presentation requires a very thorough research on the topic for discussion. Learning about problem, causes and how it affects the community will be very important to with the preparation of the presentation. Also knowing ways to help solve the problem and available resources applicable to this problem will be very important to have so it can be presented to the audience. Another best practice is recognizing who my target audience is and finding ways to put together the project that will be easy for them to understand. I need to find the right way to relate to them and present it in a tone that will be more engaging and make it easy to convey the message to them (Saunders & Petch, 2007).  After recognizing our target audience, we have to take into account the different learning styles of the audience, which are the visuals, auditory and tactile learners.

            To help the audience understand the presentation well, I have to incorporate into the presentation more images and picture for the visual learner, clear audio and some simple sketches for them to play it out for the tactile learners. Allocating extra time for questions and answers is very important. This will help answer any questions they might have to ensure understanding the hopefully bring about a positive change.


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