2023 Comment1 In health care and its bases of scientific theory test trial and

Nursing 2023 Comment

Comment1 In health care and its bases of scientific theory test trial and 2023 Assignment


In health care and its bases of scientific theory, test, trial, and numerical success in outcomes comes into great conflict when tested by those who are not believers of western government. There is a fine line in which providers face when attempting to initiate treatment in those individuals as well as be open and accepting on those beliefs.

There have been many recent trials in theory and test in which have not been initiated by religion but also have tested and shadowed the rational to medical treatments. Some theories include the debate of vaccines, and the use of chemotherapy.

Other treatments that have been absolutely banned include that of abortion. History presented the length in which Women have fought for the right to make a choice in regards to their bodies, and also the ability to choose to plan their families. There until this day there has been great push back from Christians to perform the sinful act of terminating a birth even past of conception. The lines are set within both sides and in some areas of the world these religious beliefs mold practice, and law.

For providers as us, we have to be proactive in allowing the patient to voice their concerns and in a way explain particular treatment plans. There can also be the opportunity to adapt for the patient and accommodate their belief practice as well


Scientism is the belief that the best or only way to have any knowledge of reality is by means of the sciences (Moreland and Craig, 2003, pp. 346-350).  I think this statement about scientism is a little crazy now days.  Maybe a 100 years ago this was an ok way of thinking.  However, with all the world has come to and changes that have been made in science and healthcare, we could have better ways of thinking.  The fact any other claim to knowledge is opinion or false is far stretched as well.  I think as nurses it is important to remember a patient needs to be taken care of as a whole, not just their specific problem.  I think for a while it was shied away from, as no one wanted to touch religion during caring for a patient.  Now anymore it is important and encouraged to take care of a patient not just physically, but emotionally.  Often times that emotional piece for patients requires a religion or some belief they have.  There are lots of different religions and nurses have to remember that and put their personal beliefs aside to help better care for patients.  

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