2023 Communicable Disease and Infectious Disease Sexually Transmitted Disease and HIV and AIDS

Nursing 2023 Community Nursing – Questions

Communicable Disease and Infectious Disease Sexually Transmitted Disease and HIV and AIDS 2023 Assignment

Communicable Disease and Infectious Disease.  Sexually Transmitted Disease and HIV and AIDS.     

Review the attached PowerPoint presentations.  Once done answer the following questions:  

1.  In your own words and using the proper evidence-based references define communicable and infectious disease.  Discuss if there is any similarity and how they related each other.  Give some example of communicable disease and infectious disease and why they are classified like that.  

2.  Discuss the vaccination requirement in our state (Florida), and tell me if they are given to prevent communicable of infectious disease.  Give examples.  

3.  Discuss why is no a “typical” STI patient.  Why does the presence of STI greatly increased the risk of HIV transmission?  

4.  Present an overview of the medication Prep (Truvada) and discuss the pros and cons of the use of this medication in the prevention of communicable and infectious disease.  

– APA format word document, Arial 12 font, attached to the forum tab in the discussion board titled “Week 4 discussion questions”.   

– A minimum of 3 evidence-based references no older than 5 years are required. 

– A minimum of 600 words is required (excluding first and last page).

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