2023 Discussion Assignment Respond to the following Case study Explain how you might apply knowledge gained from the Response case

Nursing 2023 Response #2

Discussion Assignment Respond to the following Case study Explain how you might apply knowledge gained from the Response case 2023 Assignment


Discussion Assignment:

Respond to the following Case study:

Explain how you might apply knowledge gained from the Response case studies to your own practice in clinical settings.

· Share additional interview and communication techniques that could be effective with your colleague’s selected patient.


· Suggest additional health-related risks that might be considered.


· Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research.


· Explain your reasoning using at least TWO different references from current evidence-based literature in APA Format.

Case Study Response

Volume 1, Case #14: The scatter-brained mother whose daughter has ADHD, like mother, like daughter

This case is about a mother who comes to the office with difficulty with focusing and forgetfulness. This is affecting her everyday life and being a single mom of 2, she is having a hard time with caring for them. The stress of what this mother is going through can lead to sadness and feelings of despair or depression. It is becoming more common for adults to have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than just for children(Stahl, 2013). If the children are experiencing symptoms such as trouble  focusing or completing tasks then most likely the parents will have some trait as well. For this client, it is important to ask about family history. Did any of your family members have symptoms associated with ADHD or anxiety? Are you having any thoughts of harming yourself or others? She complains a lot about her kids and her life and seems to be frustrated at times. We want to get her the help she needs as soon as possible. What are your strengths and weaknesses and how can you overcome some of the weaknesses? 

The first step for this client is to have her take the Adult ADHD self report scale. This is a self assessment that the client can answer truthfully and assist in the diagnosis of ADHD(Clancy et al. 2011). Differential diagnosis for this client include Generalized anxiety disorder, Depressive disorder, and Bipolar disorder. Further research would need to be conducted to determine the correct diagnosis. Since the patient matches symptoms for generalized anxiety and ADHD, these would be the two diagnosis and treatment modalities can begin. Stress can contribute to increased symptoms of ADHD  and anxiety. Stress relieving measures should  be discussed and reviewed with clients. Since ADHD affects the prefrontal cortex causing irritability and inattention. A stimulant medication can be given and is often given for clients with adhd(Stahl, 2013). Often times adjunct medications would need to be good to help relieve symptoms this one cannot(Psych, 2016). . I will remember to always start with the lesser approach to treatment using therapy and relaxation techniques before using the medications if possible. 

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