2023 Hi I need 2 and half pages APA format paper for the last week of my capstone It shouls include

Nursing 2023 Last wek of my Capstone

Hi I need 2 and half pages APA format paper for the last week of my capstone It shouls include 2023 Assignment

Hi,   I need 2 and half pages APA format paper for the last week of my capstone. It shouls include these information:   It is hard to believe that this week not only is the last week of doing capstone, but also the last assignment of nursing program. I will truly miss all of them. During week 7th which was last week I got an opportunity to do my capstone in another elementary school of district 15th. It was well worthed experience. I saw how 2 schools in the same district and same rules doing many different things in order of intervention. In Paddoc school that I got a chance to be there for one whole school day, the nurse wouldn’t use the paper cover for beds which is very important to prevent spread of germs to another student. In my homeschool that I did my capstone, the nurse uses that cover and after any single student be in the bed, the nurse changes the cover. It was a lesson to me to always do right thing and consider safety of the patients as a priority goal .I learned that students need emotional support as well as physical. In both schools, students came to the office as a safe place to being relax for  moments, and it is very important to accept them and acknowledge their feeling. Besides that, the week 7th was like the summary of all my capstone weeks. I encountered all cases that I had in the last 6 weeks. Cases like hair lice, injury during gym like small abrasion mostly on their knees, stomachache, headache, and flu like symptoms were examples of the week 7th of my capstone that proudly I can say handle all cases correctly based on my nurse’s approval. I felt really confident to notice that how I am comfortable to help any single student coming to the nursing office.  On the last day 5/10 by the end of the day, was really hard to me to say good bye to all the beautiful moments and memories I experienced at school. Even I got more emotional when my preceptor handed me the thank you card that was signed by many of school staffs and principal to thanked me along with a bunch of beautiful roses. I totally surprised and was so happy that I see they clearly appreciate me for being there. Of course it was my luck to be part of them, even for a short period of time. I treasure all memories of being a school nurse for rest of my life.

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