2023 Hi You ve done one essay for me It was about Alzheimer s disease The

Nursing 2023 Alzheimer

Hi You ve done one essay for me It was about Alzheimer s disease The 2023 Assignment


You’ve done one essay for me. It was about Alzheimer’s disease. The Introduction and conclusion were good. Body paragraphs were fine, but my instructor needed me to change it all.

First, body paragraphs need to be consisted of 3 body paragraphs, and you should talk about the stages as I have mentioned down. Moreover, each body should be structured of a topic sentence, supporting idea examples and concluding.

Early stage : body1

1-normal behavior.

2-very mild changes.

Middle stage: body2

1-mild decline.

2-moderate decline.

Late stage: body3

1-moderately severe decline.

2-severe decline.

3-very severe decline

You will also have to use transition words between each body paragraphs. Body paragraphs do not have to be long, but need to be well structured 7 sentences are ok.

You please use below links. The will help you with the stages:



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