2023 I need a 2 or 3 sentence comment for each paragraph Paragraph 1 Healthcare has shifted from improving sanitation

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I need a 2 or 3 sentence comment for each paragraph Paragraph 1 Healthcare has shifted from improving sanitation 2023 Assignment


I need a 2 or 3 sentence comment for each paragraph

Paragraph 1

Healthcare has shifted from improving sanitation, to disease prevention, to health promotion. In “…the early 19th century, infectious diseases were widespread and difficult to contain largely because of the lack of proper sanitation methods, including insufficient disinfection of drinking water and improper removal of human waste. During this time, health was viewed in basic terms as being free of disease” (Falkner, 2018). However, there has been a shift in the definition of health, especially with healthcare focusing on improving access to primary and preventative health services. “The goal is to create a culture of health in which health promotion and disease prevention is the focus rather than seeking treatment after disease has set in” (Falkner, 2018). Nurses are always thinking about ways to get in front of a problem before a problem gets to a patient, and this is especially important when providing care with the improved vision on health promotion and disease prevention. Nurses should understand the provisions in Healthy People 2020: and nurses are pivotal in educating patients to take control of their health to maintain a healthy state and thus prevent disease. Wellness, which is the “State of well-being that is not necessarily equated with the absence of disease, ability to adapt, and continue to function and live life well are contributing factors to wellness” (Falkner, 2018), goes hand-in-hand with health. The hospital system I work for incorporates these concepts by providing more holistic options to patients and employees. For example, there are mediation stations throughout the hospital. Another example is in the ICU where I work; recently some of the nurses that I work with and me all found a ton of evidence-based research on the benefits of essential oils for critically ill patients. Now we have lavender oil and cardamom/grapefruit oil available on our unit and use them regularly in certain patients. We are currently running our own unit-based project to see if there is a decrease in sedation use when essential oils are on board. While it is crucial for nurses to continue to use evidence-based practice, it is exciting to be able to incorporate more holistic/wellness modalities in delivery of nursing care; especially because these more wellness-based modalities are becoming increasing studied and accepted in evidence-based practice. 

Paragraph 2

Traditionally, health was defined as the absence of illness with great emphasize on the role of clinical diagnosis and intervention. Early 1990s, the main cause of death were infectious diseases such as pneumonia, caused by viruses and bacteria. Therefore, the definition of health during the 1990s was based on freedom from illness. Due to medical advancement over the years, infectious diseases can be cured and prevented. The ensuing discussion describes the changes in the concept of health. With the control of infectious diseases, in modern days the main cause of poor health is life-styles (Polsen & Borui, 2015). Therefore, the concept of heath has shifted its focus from illness to wellness, a positive broad health approach that includes intellectual, social, physical, and emotional well-being. Wellness refers to putting more effort to live your life to the fullest potential and conducting activities that prevent diseases. Overall wellness is an active process of change to enhance complete physical, social, and mental wellbeing. Traditionally, health was considered the opposite of illness, therefore, people were concerned with treating diseases rather than promoting health. World Health Organization changed the view of health from disease to a full life perspective. Thus, health promotion has become a priority in the modern society. Currently, health promotion encompasses efforts to promote health while preventing injuries and diseases through education, good working conditions, and policies that facilitate a healthy lifestyle. Nurses need to implement health interventions through evidence-based practices because these practices foster for efficient, effective and safeness in the health sector. Nurse’s aims to improve caregiving and enhance high quality intended patient’s outcomes through evidence-based practice (Steven, 2013). In conclusion, the concept of health and health promotion has transformed over time due to the changes in the predisposing conditions. Traditionally, the concept of health was concerned with treating illness, however, this increased the incidence of infectious diseases. Due to the high incidence of infectious diseases, the concept of health changed into the state of well-being and promoting health.

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