2023 i need to write reflection paper about Hospice and follow the rubric Hospice

Nursing 2023 questions

i need to write reflection paper about Hospice and follow the rubric Hospice 2023 Assignment

i need to write reflection paper about Hospice and follow the rubric 


Hospice is relationships with end of life patients.

During my time 

I went last week to hospice and at the early morning I attended to nursing meeting they are discussed the patients health care and how are they doing after that I went with my nurse to visit two small town near to my city. we visited nursing home there are two patient in each home assignment for my nurse the nurse take their vital signs and ask the nursing home about their health  and how they feels one of the patient was very sick and he has difficult breathing his extremity cold and pale he is at the end of his life. and he has GI bleeding and rectal bleeding the nurse hospice nurse ask the home nurse to keep him NPO also we went to the home health nursing in Clyde city to visit the patient he was sleeping and the nurse assessed him. also I saw one patient pass away and their family called the nurse while we are in the way and the nurse responded fast and Changed her direction to see this patient first he was diagnosed with end stage of cancer and he has history of COPD and DM and Hypertension and I observed how the nurse did the assessment and support the family of death patient. after that she called the funeral home to take the die patient

the diseases like end stage of renal disease, lung cancer, alzahimer,demintia,….

in the hospice there are interdisplary staff are nurses social worker, aid service, volunteer, chapel faith, pharmacy,

the visit according to patient’s health status some of them need three days on the week some one day 

the nurse took the medications for the patient from hospice before she leave. like pain medication and she took dressing 

that what happen with me during my rotation you can read more about hospice in Abilene tx and write two pages reflection paper cover all the points in rubric. thank you. 

and don’t forget APA format. 

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