2023 luise Re Topic 2 DQ 1 A clinical issue that is noticed is that some nurses lack the

Nursing 2023 DQ21 RESPONSE

luise Re Topic 2 DQ 1 A clinical issue that is noticed is that some nurses lack the 2023 Assignment

luise  Re: Topic 2 DQ 1  A clinical issue that is noticed is that some nurses lack the staff’s demands to efficiently and adequate deliver care to the patients and meet health care organization requirements. According to Stanton, “Greater numbers of nurses at the bedside help increase patient satisfaction, improve quality of care, and increase nurse morale, satisfaction, and retention” (Martin, 2015). Health care organizations expect that all the necessary documentation and tasks be completed while continuously adding more to the nurses’ workload without providing the required resources staff impacts the patient’s safety and the delivery of care. According to Stanton, “Hospital nurse staffing is of major concern because of the effects it can have on patient safety, and quality of care” (Martin, 2015). Nurses require more resources and appropriate staffing ratios to meet the needs of the patients and health care organizations. When nurses do not have adequate staffing, patient care is compromised, which leads to unsafe practices. With that being said, nurses need the help of health care staff members to meet the needs of the patient effectively. “For example, increasing nurse staffing does not mean changing RN duties to include housekeeping and transport. It does not mean eliminating ancillary staff; it simply means increasing the number of nurses caring for patients is adequate for the patient acuity (Stanton, 2004)” (Martin, 2015).    Furthermore, nurses that work in an understaffed health care setting get burned out and resign from the organization due to the lack of resources and support. According to Garnett, “Not only have higher nurse-to-patient ratios been shown to increase nurse burnout, it can have serious effects on the health and well being of the nurse. An unrealistic workload may result in chronic fatigue, poor sleep patterns, absenteeism, and job dissatisfaction” (Martin, 2015).       References     Martin, C. J. (2015). The Effects of Nurse Staffing on Quality of Care. MEDSURG Nursing, 4–6. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost-com.lopes.idm.oclc.org/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=113313811&site=eds-live&scope=site

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