2023 Me 7 posts Re Topic 1 DQ 1 Great post Christine also GCU has many


Me 7 posts Re Topic 1 DQ 1 Great post Christine also GCU has many 2023 Assignment

Me    7 posts   Re: Topic 1 DQ 1  Great post  Christine also GCU has many scholarly databases that can be utilized to find the best research articles for any particular subject. Both CINAHL Complete and EBSCO host are great options that ensure research articles that will fit the criteria needs of any given subject. Both of these data bases offer a peer reviewed generator. This makes sure that if you click the peer reviewed box that all articles found will be peer reviewed. Both of these data bases also give you options to select subjects as well as put in search criteria to hone in on exactly what you are looking for.  EBSCO host and CINAHL Complete are better options to search for research based articles than Google Scholar and a general Internet search for multiple reasons. When using, these data bases you know you are getting reliable content when you search. The data bases also offer citation assistance, the ability to save what you have searched and the results you have found. These data bases allow you to customize the search to find the most relevant articles. These data bases also offer privacy and helpful support when necessary.  Reference  About EBSCO. (n.d.). Retrieved F from https://www.ebsco.com/products/ebscohost-research-interfaceAlimatu  

Alimatu,  Please remember for substantive credit, references must be cited in the post.  Please see the classroom announcements.  Corrections have to be made before the end of each week when something is missed to receive credit in that week for the post.  Thank you.  Professor O’Brien

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