2023 Mrs B a 73 year old old Caucasian female comes to the clinic for a

Nursing 2023 Discussion

Mrs B a 73 year old old Caucasian female comes to the clinic for a 2023 Assignment

Mrs. B, a 73-year-old old Caucasian female, comes to the clinic for a follow-up visit for her blood pressure “which is out of control”. She lives alone and has been retired since age 65 from a teaching job. She states that her husband died 3 months ago, and her two children ages 45 and 39 live out of the state. You notice that Mrs. B. is withdrawn and does not respond to your questions appropriately. She appears frail, thin and is disoriented about time. Mrs. B states: “I don’t want to live anymore”.

  1. Based on her presenting signs, what other questions would you elicit?
  2. How would you demonstrate knowledge of cultural sensitivity/humility in approach to this patient?
  3. What would you assess?
  4. What could be the problem?

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