2023 Nursing organizations are the backbone of the profession They advocate and lobby to political leaders for change in

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Nursing organizations are the backbone of the profession They advocate and lobby to political leaders for change in 2023 Assignment

Nursing organizations are the backbone of the profession. They advocate, and lobby to political leaders for change in policies and push for financial resources to carry out various plans and research. Most nursing organizations are specialized to a specific field, but they all have the common goal of promotion of wellness and providing healthcare to those in need when they need it. Speaking to my current role of a Medical Surgical nurse the organization of Academy of Medical surgical Nurses primary goal is to “focus on workplace advocacy; evidence-based practice, research and knowledge; professional development; national leadership and influence; and organizational health.” (AMSN Overview, 2019) Their vision is to have Medical-surgical nurses use their powerful voice and focused action to continuously improve patient care, and believe patients receive better care when medical-surgical nurses engage in ongoing professional development, use evidence-based practices, speak with a unified voice, serve as leaders on healthcare teams, have the necessary resources to deliver excellent care, and practice in a healthy practice environment. (AMSN Overview, 2019)

Nursing organizations have evolved to extensive levels of membership and with more than 3 million nurses these organizations have a massive resource for initiating change, with the largest organization being the American Nurses Association. “These organizations provide the opportunity for nursing as a profession to influence nursing practice, nursing education, health policy, and healthcare standards.” (Halstead, 2018) All nursing organizations advocate for patient care safety, continued education for nurses, allocating resources for those in need, and research with development of new policy.



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