2023 One way that the human services group can rehearse essential avoidance during their strategic help

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One way that the human services group can rehearse essential avoidance during their strategic help 2023 Assignment

One way that the human services group can rehearse essential avoidance during their strategic help Haiti after the calamity would be for the medicinal services group to consistently utilize appropriate hand cleanliness and gloves for all patient contact. In the video assets are rare and it was expressed that appropriate hand cleanliness, for example, cleanser and water were not promptly accessible however the hand some hand sanitizer. So the medicinal services group would should be proactive and utilize the hand sanitizer with alert and effectively. One of the primary objectives is to forestall the spread of illness, remembering for the social insurance suppliers in such a case that a human services supplier becomes ill there will be nobody to think about the patients.

A case of optional anticipation right now be to check for contamination on patients particularly those with open injuries and attempt and separate them to keep the spread of disease from patient to persistent. These patients would likewise should be begun on anti-infection treatment also to treat the contaminations.

For tertiary anticipation the social insurance suppliers would need to do twisted consideration on the patients so as to guarantee the patient’s are recuperating appropriately and successfully. As tertiary counteraction expects to mellow the effect of a progressing ailment or injury that has enduring impacts (Institute for Work and Health, 2015), guarantee that the injuries our breaks mend appropriately that way the patients can come back to their typical day by day lives as before the fiasco struck.

The stage that these three proposed mediations would fall under would be the “postimpact stage” in light of the fact that inevitable risk has just stopped. During the postimpact stage, salvage and crisis clinical consideration turns into the essential center (Falkner, 2018). This is the stage when we as human services experts will be treating the individuals that were influenced by the catastrophe and help stop the spread of diseases.

I would work with the world division association as this association is a Christian based association that gives fiasco help to all regions around the globe that are needing aid ventures. The world division reacts with life-sparing velocity when calamity strikes. They convey quick debacle alleviation and supplies and long haul recoup so individuals can revamp their lives (Worlddivision.org, n.d.).


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 In the GCU videos “Diary of a Medical Mission Trip”, the medical mission team showed the difficulty times they had to provide efficient and effective medical care. They had many challenges caused by the lack of water and cleanliness. There was also lack of medical supplies, food, and medications. The medical mission team had to see more than 100 patients every day who were waiting outside, in addition to the inpatients (GCU, 2018)

     Primary prevention focus on preventing disaster-related deaths and injuries before they occur (APHA, 2020). In addition, illness prevention is an important aspect in this setting. Primarily the health care team must be immunized to prevent hepatitis, mumps, Rubella, pertussis before going to Haiti. Immunizations should also be given to the Haiti population. In addition, the Haiti population must be educated on washing their hands and practicing proper sanitation to prevent diseases. People also must be educated on how to evacuate safely and develop an evacuation plan with the family. In addition, it is essential to have an evacuation kit with necessary supplies (American Red Cross, 2020).

     Secondary prevention has the goal to mitigate the health consequences of a disaster by providing education about injury control during cleanup and recovery period (American Public health Association, 2020). This involves treatment and education about the wounds, infections and disaster related illness. Examples seen on the video “Diary of Mission Trip” from GCU (2018) include cleaning and changing dressing from the wounds; treating the patients with IV fluids and antibiotics for infections. In addition, the hospitals in Haiti were overcrowded with minor injury patients and others seriously ill. The innovative examples would be educating people about infection and its prevention; setting up small areas and tents to treat minor injury patients with trained medical staff. It is also necessary to organize and separate the medical supplies in a clean, non-sterile area. Providing care to the injured also address the emotional aspects of trauma.

      Tertiary prevention minimizes the effect of a disaster and disability among the already ill patients. It focuses on the long- term requirements and of individuals and community post disaster (APHA, 2020) Medical supplies, medications, diagnostic tools, physicians and medical staff will be needed in this setting. There is an extremely need of surgeons and operating rooms to treat patients with serious illness and injury. According to the video “Diary of a Medical Mission Trip” from GCU (2018), the hospital in Haiti had only two ORs with the anesthesia machine dropped down and one OR was shut down due to leaking. In addition, the new medical team had on ortho surgeon and no anesthetist. Based on this scenario, there is a need of more medical staff including surgeons and anesthetists to assist in saving people’s lives. Furthermore, long term treatment strategies including rehabilitation and families and individuals’ therapy is necessary to assist people to move from the previous capabilities to the highest level of function they can attain (Berman, Snyder & Frandsen, 2016). In order to facilitate the proposed interventions, I would associate the CDC because it has the function of administering a broad program related to surveillance of disease and behaviors that lead to disease and disability (Berman, Snyder & Frandsen, 2016). I would also associate the Red Cross, and other organizations including religious organizations.  


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