2023 please use articles from reference page provided A Write a brief summary suggested length of 2 3 pages

Nursing 2023 nursing research paper on infection

please use articles from reference page provided A Write a brief summary suggested length of 2 3 pages 2023 Assignment

please use articles from reference page provided

A.  Write a brief summary (suggested length of 2-3 pages) of the significance and background of a healthcare problem by doing the following:

1.  Describe a healthcare problem. Note: A healthcare problem can be broad in nature or focused.
 2.  Explain the significance of the problem.

3.  Describe the current practice related to the problem.

4.  Discuss how the problem impacts the organization and/or patient’s cultural background (i.e., values, health behavior, and preferences).
 B.  Complete the attached PICO Table Template by identifying all the elements of the PICO.

1.  Develop the PICO question.
 C.  Describe the search strategy (suggested length of 1-2 pages) you used to conduct the literature review by doing the following:

1.  Identify the keywords used for the search.

2.  Describe the number and types of articles that were available for consideration.

a.  Discuss two research evidence and two non-research evidence sources that were considered (levels I-V).

D.  Complete the attached Evidence Matrix to list five research evidence sources (levels I-III) from scholarly journal sources you locate in major medical databases.

Note: You may submit your completed matrix as a separate attachment to the task or you may include the matrix within your paper, aligned to APA standards.
 E.  Explain a recommended practice change (suggested length of 1-3 pages) that addresses the PICO question within the framework of the evidence collected and used in the attached Evidence Matrix.

F.  Describe a process for implementing the recommendation from part E (suggested length of 2-3 pages) in which you do the following:

1.  Explain how you would involve three key stakeholders in the decision to implement the recommendation.

2.  Describe the specific barriers you may encounter in applying evidence to practice changes in the nursing practice setting.

3.  Identify two strategies that could be used to overcome the barriers discussed in F2.

4.  Identify one indicator to measure the outcome related to the recommendation.
 G.  Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

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