2023 Reply to my peers Peer 1 Telenursing and Telemedicine Telenursing and telemedicine will

Nursing 2023 Reply To My Peer

Reply to my peers Peer 1 Telenursing and Telemedicine Telenursing and telemedicine will 2023 Assignment

Reply to my peers

Peer 1

Telenursing and Telemedicine

Telenursing and telemedicine will only be successful if patients engage in the program. You have been asked by your manager to pilot a program aimed at improving transitions of care using the new telemedicine system recently implemented at your hospital. 

  • What are some of the ways that you can encourage both patient and provider engagement to ensure the pilot program success?

One of the ways that could help to ensure the success of the pilot program would be to offer mandatory skills fairs that include hands on participation and requires all team members to be checked off in particular areas of the telemedicine system education. There should be continued training throughout the process as well as resources available at all times to include super users of the telemedicine to assist with any technical issues that may cause frustration. Another important way to ensure success to be to allow any feedback from everybody participating, whether it be from a group discussion or personal surveys it allows everybody to participate and feel that they can include their own input and ideas. 

  • What barriers or challenges would you anticipate?

A major barrier or challenge that I would anticipate would be that everybody has their own opinions and that may arise during the program. Of course with any technology IT issues arise whether it be from technical difficulties due to poor internet connection or glitches in the system it happens but can cause some resistance when people are busy and don’t have time to deal with those type of difficulties. Some may just resist the use of telemedicine because they just simply don’t feel comfortable with the technology. Especially those who are older and set in their ways computer literacy is a challenge and that could pose a barrier to the program. Many believe there are some privacy concerns with telemedicine and some may be challenged to use the technology based on hipaa violations under their care.

Peer 2

Telenursing is defined as “the use of tele commuincations and information technology to provide nursing services in healthcare and enhance care whenever a physical distance exists between a patient and a nurse (McGonigle,2017), and telemedicine is defined as ” health service delivered by telecommunication ready tools, supervised or directed by a physician” (McGonigle,2017). Knowing the definition of both I would first start with education to both the patient and the physician. I would explain their roles in telehealth. I would then move on to discuss some of the beneits of telehealth to include; the ability to provide better healthcare access, proven and timely responce to patient need, and reduction of hospital visits. I would allow time for questions and concerns. I would provide a live demonstration . I would then initiate incentives for patient and physician groups for compliance and feedback. 

       As with anything new their will be barriers and challenges. The biggest anticipated barrier would be access to internet or smartphone to conduct the virtual program. The next barrier would be cost to facility to start program up. The third barrier would be getting patients to trust how well virtual care would benefit them. The greatest challenge would be physician not physically next to patient so misdiagnosis and treatment pose a ris

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