2023 Respond The medical center where I work is a large teaching institution in New York City is

Nursing 2023 NR 533 Week 7.1

Respond The medical center where I work is a large teaching institution in New York City is 2023 Assignment



The medical center where I work  is a large teaching institution in New York City is made up of 7 hospitals. They believe in educating the next generation of health care professionals, developing groundbreaking research, advancing innovative, patient-centered clinical care and serving the needs of our local, national and global community. The vision of the institution  is to be the #1 academic health system in the nation in high-quality patient centered care, education and research. The culture is based on respect, teamwork, innovation, empathy, excellence and responsibility. 

     The mission and vision is reflected in the organizational culture and leadership through their behaviors. How  leadership chooses to do their job everyday demonstrates the core values of the organization. My personal philosophy of nursing is based on respect. Patient care suffers when nurses are not respected (Stievano, Bellass, Rocco, Olsen, Sabatino, & Johnson, 2018). It is crucial that nurses operate in a moral work environment that involves respect to improve patient outcomes (Stievano, et al., 2018). The hospital’s Credo is based on respect. This is how my project aligns with the core values of the institution. 

One theoretical approach to understanding how change may be achieved is Rogers’ diffusion model. He argues that certain characteristics of the innovation itself may facilitate its adoption. Factors influencing acceptance include promotion by influential role models, the degree of complexity of the change, compatibility with existing values and needs, and the ability to test and modify the new procedure before adopting it (Mohammadi, Poursaberi, & Salahshoor, 2018).

Current research suggests that the most effective communication strategy is face-to-face exchange  (Mohammadi, Poursaberi, & Salahshoor, 2018). It provides an opportunity to tailor information to recipients and allows the advocate of the change to explore and, if necessary, modify the reasons why a shift in clinical behaviour should occur. Interpersonal communication is usually more effective when there is a high degree of professional resemblance between the individual attempting to introduce the innovation and the recipient  (Mohammadi, Poursaberi, & Salahshoor, 2018). 

Luckily, I think it will be relatively easy to implement changes related to a healthy work environment. I believe the majority of people want to work in an environment that is positive, supportive and frowns on bullying and incivility. Through communication as well as role modeling proper behaviors, Rogers’s diffusion of innovation framework will assist in the transformation. 

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