2023 Respond to your colleagues by offering one or more additional mitigation strategies

Nursing 2023 Response #2

Respond to your colleagues by offering one or more additional mitigation strategies 2023 Assignment


Respond to your colleagues by offering one or more additional mitigation strategies or further insight into your colleagues’ assessment of big data opportunities and risks.

At least 2 references in each peer responses!


Big data in the clinical system is the abundance of the health care records collected from various sources like the electronic health record. One potential benefit of using big data is that it leads to error minimization and precise treatment of the patient (Raghupathi,2014). Since there are enough records on a patient, there is the possibility of predicting the outcome of a specific treatment; hence the provider gives a more personalized care treatment. The potential risk of using big data is the security issue that arises due to unauthorized access to data (McGonigle,2017). The big data contains the patient’s personal information and health history, which can be very damaging if disclosed to an unauthorized individual.  

           The most effective strategy of ensuring that the challenge of unauthorized individuals access a patient’s data is making data security the number one priority. Protection of the information can be done by having control over the access of data and having authentication protocol (Thew,2016). By limiting the number of people that access specific data and putting firewalls to protect data from hackers helps secure data of the patient. The other strategy that can be used is the introduction of analytical tools that helps in reducing the time taken to generate a report. Big data has a lot of records, but it becomes a challenge when one cannot access data on time. When data can be accessed when required, and in a correct format, it helps the providers to quickly predict the outcome of a precise treatment on a patient. The strategies help the big data attain its aim of transforming the clinical system towards a value-based model that provides superior patient treatment and outcomes.  

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