2023 The definition of family has always been determined by societal acceptance By historical reference the definition of family

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The definition of family has always been determined by societal acceptance By historical reference the definition of family 2023 Assignment

The definition of family has always been determined by societal acceptance. By historical reference, the definition of family was linked to blood lines or marriage. Through the years, societal attitudes regarding adoption, foster parenting, divorce, remarriage, and LBGTQ rights have changed the traditional definition (Green, 2018). Today, family is defined by more than blood ties or marriage. It is defined by function, level of commitment and attachment. In fact, some family members may not even live in the same household. According to Wright and Leahey (2012), “The family is who they say they are” (p.55).

Nontraditional family structures need to be acknowleged when working with patients. Perceptions of wellness and the health disparities present are influenced by the dynamics within a family system. For instance, a grandparent raising a grandchild may have different attitudes toward health promotion for the child, health issues of their own, or be experiencing economic disparities. In addition, caregiver roles may differ from a traditional family structure in single parent family. Understanding who is “family”, and how the family functions is key to creating stimulus for change in health promotion. The Calgary Modle of Family Assessment (CMFA) is one tool nurses can use to gain a better understanding of the family dynamics (Green, 2018). 

Bowen’s family systems theory can also be used to gain a better understanding of the interactions within a family. The family is made up of individuals that impact the lives of the other individuals within the family. For instance, a parent who has a substance abuse problem creates financial, emotional or even physical consequences for every other individual within the family. Any stressor or change within the unit, can create a ripple effect of negative or positive individual consequences that influence the entire family. Using the CMFA model the nurse can begin assessing the family in the initial assessment. This simple assessment can be utilized to understand the connections and interactions within her patient’s family. Then appropriate nursing interventions can be created that the family as a whole can adopt. Since the family is encouraged to work together toward a common goal, compliance and the incidence of desired outcomes increases (Green, 2018).

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The traditional definition of a family is two parents, man and a women living together with there biological offspring with the same ancestry. (Green, S.Z.). Times have changed tremendously and the definition of family can take on several different meanings. Family of choice is a more accurate term to call families. It is who people decide are their family and it doesn’t depend on bloodline, gender, racer sexuality.

The importance of acknowledging nontraditional family structures is because who they decide is family affects their outlook on their health patterns. For example, A NICU mother did not visit her child to do skin to skin and breastfeed as planned. It is unusual for a mother to skip. She called to say had to rush her dog to the emergency room which turned into an emergency surgery because he almost died. This is a family by choice. At this moment she was distraught and made a decision switch baby to formula and no longer breastfeed, which can be done but for the health outcomes of the child breastmilk is best. Understanding the family dynamics was important on how to aide in education on health promotion. Encouraged to take efforts to get the dog well and educated on different options such as expressed breast milk/donor milk for her growing baby in the meantime. Giving her time and understanding this is her family dynamic made all the difference to keep the baby on the health plan.

The family systems theory describes how a family interacts with one another and society. It’s divides into different systems. A whole system is the entire family. A subsystem is an individual within the family 

And a supersystem is the community. Each of the systems affect one another. (Green, Z.E) For example, a husband is going through a program to quit smoking. His wife smokes as well. They both decide to go through the program together to elevate the triggers that would cause one to relapse. Everyone in the family system affects one another.

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