2023 This assignment focuses on the importance of nursing theory within the profession Selecting one nursing theorist and

Nursing 2023 Nursing Question

This assignment focuses on the importance of nursing theory within the profession Selecting one nursing theorist and 2023 Assignment

This assignment focuses on the importance of nursing theory within the profession. Selecting one nursing theorist and the nursing theory they developed(non-nursing theories are not allowed), the student will present a brief summary of the selected nursing theory, identify the concepts of the nursing paradigm as addressed in the selected nursing theory, as well as discuss the importance of the selected nursing theory to the nursing profession. The student will include 1-2 scholarly peer-reviewed sources to support the nursing theory chosen. The student will also provide an example of how the selected nursing theory can be applied to ONE of the following specialty track Nurse Educator. 


  1. The nursing theorist I chose is:
  2. Why did I choose my selected nursing theory?
  3. Brief summary of the nursing theory I chose including key concepts (include scholarly support in APA format)
  4. How does the selected nursing theory address or identify the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm?
  5. How is this nursing theory useful to the nursing profession?
  6. How would I apply this nursing theory to my chosen MSN specialty (Nurse educator) 
  7. Self-Reflection: What did I learn from completing this assignment?


Criteria and  Description

Identify a nursing theorist and their nursing theory: Identifies a nursing theory that has been published by a nursing theorist 

Reason for choosing this nursing theory: Describes why the student chose this nursing theory

Summarize the nursing theory: Writes a brief summary about the nursing theory, including key concepts. Scholarly support is needed in APA current edition format. 

Nursing metaparadigm: Provides a brief description of how this theory addresses each of the metaparadigm concepts (person, health, environment, and nursing profession)

Usefulness of theory to nursing: Explains how this nursing theory is useful to the nursing profession

Application of nursing theory to specialty: Present an example illustrating the use of the theory in advanced nursing practice related to their MSN specialty NURSE EDUCATOR

Self-reflection: Presents self-reflection regarding what was learned from completing this assignment.

Writing: APA, Grammar, Word Usage, & Punctuation: Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal written work as found in the current edition of the APA manual. CINAHL Nursing Guide articles are not considered scholarly.

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