2023 Type of paperResearch Proposal SubjectNursing Number of pages6 Format of citationAPA Number

Nursing 2023 Order 1121761: The Impact Of Change Of Management In Healthcare

Type of paperResearch Proposal SubjectNursing Number of pages6 Format of citationAPA Number 2023 Assignment


  • Type of paperResearch Proposal
  • SubjectNursing
  • Number of pages6
  • Format of citationAPA
  • Number of cited resources10
  • Type of serviceRewriting

In response to questions about the final section of your proposal, here is further clarification. 1.The due date is August 3 via the Turnitin link. Please check your SI score and if high let me know in advance. 2. First of all, think about a proposal as a process document which describe a research project that you would like to conduct. You have already identified the problem in the first assignment, the supporting literature in the second, and now you want to describe how, the method of data collection and analyses and reporting the results. Since you have already been graded on the first two, do not resubmit however you will need to consult them in order to have internal consistency in your full proposal. Here are some specific instructions 1. I would recommend including subheadings for each of the sections described in the course outline. 2. So, start with an introduction (one page) which will be a short summary of the first two pages that you submitted. You would include key references. Indicate the qualitative method that you plan to use for the study, ie. ethnography, GT etc and rationale. 3. The next subheading, participant selection (ie. source/location and sample universe and actual target sample) and recruitment will describe your sampling strategy, refer to this week′s forum discussion and the Robinson, 2014 paper. 4. Describe how you will protect participant rights, ie. concerns about research ethics 5. Data collection procedure includes the method for obtaining data such as interviews, observation and data management. 6. Describe how you ensure credible and trustworthy results but inclusion of data analyses is optional. 7. To who would you disseminate results? and what would be the new knowledge that has been gained ? Finally, this following quote aptly describes a quality proposal using qualitative methods: Winning qualitative proposals should convey the researcher’s talent for conceptualizing, synthesizing, imagining, and writing, and the ability to perform the kind of work promised. The grounded theory proposal should show the researcher’s ability to theorize; the phenomenological proposal, to engage in phenomenological reflection; and the ethnographic proposal, to interpret “culture.” (Sandelowksi and Barroso, 2003, p. 819)

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