2023 Upon researching these influences and importances in the field of community health

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Upon researching these influences and importances in the field of community health 2023 Assignment

Upon researching these influences and importances in the field of community health, I found this quote and I thought it was a good representation of geopolitical ““The political implications of the campaigns voiced by IPPNW and other professional bodies…are inescapable. If the medical profession flinches from all conceivably political tone…then its influence will be weakened.” (Horton, 2015). Everything involves politics and medical care is a very large part of that because people will always need healthcare and when eing debated it is important for things to be prioritized in the world organiziations to keep populations from epidemics and even on a larger scale. Air travel was revolutionary but it did make the root of epidemiology a lot more complicated.

The nursing process is used in pretty much every field of nursing that there is available. The nursing process is more times than not done without acknowledgement. In community health it is just as important because it is a constant cycle of adapting teaching plans to see what works for THIS community right here. Assessment is one of the most basic forms of nursing, impossible to have interventions without first figuring out which interventions are necessary for this population or community.

The book discusses an assesment tool that is specific to community health. This is called SWOT analysis, this describes the strengt, weaknesses, opporotunities and threats. Diagnosis would be the problem that is in the community whether it be poor food choices, childrens health, or drugs. The plan section of the cycle would be laying out what were going to do to reduce this issue. Interventions would obviously be the actual education, implementation of the plan. Finally we have evaluation, this is where the end result comes through to show the effectiveness. Screenings and referalls will be done according to policy of the institution and hopefully be caught at the soonest the problem is identified.

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Geopolitical place consists of community boundaries, transportation infrastructure, geographic features, climatic vegetation and animals. Constructed geopolitical boundaries include zip codes and other political boundaries.(Grand Canyon university,2018). This knowledge helps the nurse in tracking disparities of health, health behaviors and deficits in an environment. It also help to track and analyze data, define problem areas and asses populations in order for interventions to be determined and implemented.

Phenomenological place centers on psychological location. It is made up of history, culture economics, education, spiritual beliefs, values and common characteristics members of a certain community experience. Social interactions, common interests, goals and various other characteristic assessment and analysis help determine health status and needs.

Nursing process involves assessment, diagnoses, planning, implementation and evaluation. The assessment of a population involves researching, the safety and quality aspects of a community to understand her interactions among the population, environment and resources available.

The nurse undertakes steps to discover subjective and objective information and then analyze findings. Based on these, she prioritizes outcomes, plans, intervenes and puts in place the means to evaluate each intervention. In using nursing process she can also use the SWOT analysis tool by categorizing findings for the population in question, the strengths, assets, resources, notes weaknesses, challenges and limitations. Also using the PRECEDE-PROCEED model with nursing process ensures organizing assessment of a population, including epidemiological data, environmental diagnosis and organizational and policy data as a basis for program planning.(Van Gelderan, Krumwiede, Krumwiede, & Fesnke, 2018)


Chapter 1, Community and Public Health: The Future of Health care, Retrieved from https://www.gcumedia,com/digital-resources/grand-canyon-university/2018/community-and-public-health_the-future-of-health-care_1e.php

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