2023 WK PR PART 1 The different culture of people leads to a change of team

Nursing 2023 nursing leadership/WK4/DIS

WK PR PART 1 The different culture of people leads to a change of team 2023 Assignment




The different culture of people leads to a change of team performance as some of the members in most of those teams are composed of different cultural background where each of them has to base his/her work as per the history of culture. Again, some of this participants differ in their traits as they may not share the same language and value difference hence fluctuate in their communication (Earley & Mosakowski, 2010). Another idea on which they differ is on their performance on issues of behavior, values and beliefs as some of the members might take duration before emulating some of the merits which may overwhelm their good performance outcome. Critically, conflicts that may arise based on opinions may diminish this team performance and decrease personal and direct process of interaction as each member has its cohesion which gives some of this indifference.

           There are several ways that a person can choose to focus during incorporation of a person who has a different culture in your team. Some of this ways may base on good capture to the essence of that person which is one of integrity that many communities focus as there is a communication barrier. In the same manner, one may feature on core values of that person which are on its beliefs and baseline of behavior and which explicitly define clear how the person behaves after being incorporated into the team. Also focus on customer interaction feedback and response as this issues might embody some of the decline changes which may undermine the manageability of credibility (Niebuhr, 2016). Ideally, if culture and values may not align then this issue can create business performance decline and suffer. It would be of importance to consider the beliefs that our new member in the team follows to make him/her align with the performance of the team.


Your comment on the difficulties of communication among a diverse group is a very real issue. The differences in languages, accents and dialects can cause communication difficulties. Often a person from another culture may have communication apprehension. Communication apprehension, is defined as “an individual’s level of fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication with another person or persons” (McCroskey, 1977, p. 78). The leader’s responsibility in this situation would be to identify ways to help the person feel more comfortable and assisting assimilation into the group. According to Asherman & Bing (2010) ways to assist is to allow individuals who do not speak English as a first language more time to respond to the discussion. Due to communication apprehension, the leader can take written ideas after the meeting to avoid the need for the individual to talk to a group. Also teaching the team to speak distinctly and avoid the use of jargon is helpful. Paraphrasing and summarizing more in meetings will help to identify and clarify any miscommunications. While working with nurses from so many diverse cultures have you seen evidence of communication apprehension? If so, how did nursing leaders respond to communication apprehension? 

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