2023 You will submit your final EBP Project Proposal paper to the Final SafeAssign dropbox for

Nursing 2023 Week 5: Assignment 1: Final Safe Assign EBP Project Proposal Paper

You will submit your final EBP Project Proposal paper to the Final SafeAssign dropbox for 2023 Assignment


You will submit your final EBP Project Proposal paper to the Final SafeAssign dropbox for grading. This one submission will go directly to both the SafeAssign Depository and for grading. Please include previous sections of the paper and use the EBP Project Proposal paper template. Review all instructions below before submitting your paper.

Please include the following criteria:

  • Title Page and Thank You Acknowledgements (faculty, coach, RN facilitator)
  • Abstract (Please click this link for instructions and template) .
    • Purpose PICO (PICOT) Question
    • Significance of the Problem
    • Summary of Synthesis of Evidence
    • Recommended Implementation for Practice Change
    • Conclusions/recommendations (Practice, Education or Research)
    • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature and Synthesis of Evidence including narrative synthesis and table
  • Plan for Implementation including table
  • Plan for Evaluation including table
  • Conclusions, Recommendations and Implications
  • References
  • Appendices (if applicable) otherwise you may delete these pages

Note: Your final EBP Project Proposal paper MUST be submitted to this SafeAssign final section area dropbox for grading by the coach. Once you are satisfied with your “matching” score in the Draft areas, submit your final paper to this area.  Remember, it may take up to 24 hours to obtain your report.

The Final EBP Project Proposal must have a “matching” score of 34% or less. It is mandatory that your final EBP Proposal paper is 34% or less or you will FAIL THE COURSE. Failure to submit to SafeAssign Final area will result in failure for the course. You will NOT have the opportunity to redo the Final EBP Proposal paper nor request an extension based on your originality report. Please submit your Final Paper to SafeAssign on the template in the FINAL Submission area ONLY. Neither coaches nor instructors will submit papers for you to SafeAssign if you did not submit your paper correctly, ie email them.

Note: In addition to the grading rubric for the specific content above, corrections and changes based on Module 1 to Module 4 revision feedback from coaches and/or instructors and your SAFEASSIGN draft reports must be completed for module 5 final paper submission.


Assignment 2: EBP Proposal PowerPoint


PowerPoint instructions:

Do not cut and paste from your EBP Proposal paper. Do not identify your agency by name–please use initials only. There should be plenty of white space and be readable to the audience.  For this assisgnment please do not use graphics, pictures, images, etc., as they take up too much space that should be devoted to content.You will develop and submit a PowerPoint presentation approximately 11-13 slides in length. The presentation should have bullets summarizing the sections of your EBP Project Proposal. Prepare the presentation as if you were presenting it at your agency and/or a professional conference. When completed post your PowerPoint Presentation  to Module 5 Assignment AND to Module 5 Discussion (see Discussions).

Develop a professional PowerPoint presentation that includes the following information:

  • Title (1 slide)
  • Introduction (Significance of the Problem) (2 slides)
  • PICO(T) (1 slide)
  • Evidence Review (2-3 slides)
  • Implementation Plan (2 slides)
  • Evaluation Plan (1 slide)
  • Conclusions and Recommendations for Implementation (2 slides)
  • Major references using APA format (1 slide)
  • Grammar, writing mechanics, and spelling (0.5 point will be deducted for any error)

Note: Failure to submit your PowerPoint will be interpreted as failure to meet the required assignment and will be recorded accordingly.


Assignment 3: Reflective Journal


Please include a narrative of the following criteria, as this pertains to your knowledge, skills, and attitudes gleaned from this Capstone Course. In addition, a short narrative summary of your educational experience in the RN-BSN program will assist in providing feedback for future curricular revision. Using the personal pronoun “I” is expected in writing a Self-Reflection and Reflective Journal.

Please include:

  • Description of experiences and accomplishments
  • Evaluate personal and professional growth
  • Evaluate experiences with collaborating with RN facilitator
  • Evaluate growth as life-long learner
  • Evaluate professional role as change agent

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